Monday, June 10, 2013

Ear cuff displays

When I first saw ear cuffs, I didn't know what the heck they were.  It took me a while to find out.

Knowing a lot of people probably have the same problem, I decided to make an image of how they're used:

Then I thought a gif would be a great idea, so worked out how to make a gif (which took a while)  and I came up with this:

How to wear an ear cuff photo for-animation-1.gif

I also wrote some instructions and information about them:

But I wasn't totally happy.  I mean how does this look like something you can wear on your ear?

 My husband is better at sculpting than I am so I made up some cold porcelain and he had a go at making some ears.  The only problem is the sizes have to be pretty close to real size to have the cuff fit.  And of course cold porcelain shrinks, supposedly by 30%.  Of course the first try only shrunk a tiny bit.

Then one of the most amazing wire work artists posted this:

She asked what people thought of  her new displays.  They were skin colored silicon or plasticy ears!!  What a great idea!!

So of course I asked her where she got them.  But how annoying!  They don't post to Australia!!

So I looked around at how other people were displaying them.  There were some wonderful black display ears that some people used, others just displayed them on a table, as I did, others used their own ears.  And others used silicon-type ears.

I loved the black stone looking ones.  So I wrote to many different people asking where they got them from.

Damn!  again!  They don't make them any more.  I looked around on Ebay, and it looks like there's a type of silicon ear that's used to practice acupuncture.

Then I finally found a site that makes these ears for acupuncture!  And they post to Australia!  And the price isn't too bad!

And now for the next problem!  I was hoping to hang them by screwing a screw in the top, so that they would stand out at a market stall, and if it was a type with a chain, it would fall naturally.  But when I received it, I soon realized that wasn't going to be possible with this silicon, it would just break and fall out.

I played around with ways of framing it.  But to no avail.

Finally I made a stand!

And I'm pretty happy with it all!

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