Saturday, March 23, 2013

More craft Markets

There will be a special craft market at Wonthaggi on Easter Sunday.

I decided I will have a stall there again.

The following month, on Sunday 14th April I will have a stall at Traralgon.

Hope to see many of you at these markets.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

About the ear cuff

Ear cuffs are such a wonderful invention.  They are designed to be worn without ear piercings.  Although they are so versatile, you can wear them with your normal pierced earrings as well.

They come in so many variations.  The cuff part that goes around the cartilege can be plain, as in this image:

They can be doubled:

They can be wrapped in fine wire:

Or, they can be cleverly crossed over:

And to think, that is just the part that holds the cuff to the ear!!

The decorative section can be made large:

Or small, simple looking, or very intricate.

They can be decorated with chain:

or attached to normal earrings:

Ear cuffs are often associated with alternative fashion, including Goth and steampunk.  But can really be worn by anyone.

They can be called cartilage jewellery, cartilage earrings, slave earrings, Bajoran earrings.

They are most often worn on one ear only, but can be worn on both, or worn with normal pierced earrings.

How to wear an ear cuff

How to wear an ear cuff photo for-animation-1.gif
Start at the top of the ear where the ear is thinner.

Slide the cuff downwards over the cartilage, while turning it towards the front.

The cuff will sit from the outside of the ear, and over both sections of cartilage on the middle part of your ear.

Squeeze the ring section slightly, if necessary to get a snug fit. This is only necessary before the first use.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

More Ear cuffs

Lots more ear cuffs and wire wrapped jewellery have been added to Night Cove.

All of these will be discounted at the Wonthaggi Craft market on the 10th of March.  Or can be bought at normal prices at Night Cove.



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