Monday, June 6, 2011

New Australian website for Gothic jewellery

I've created another new site called NIGHT COVE. This one is for chainmail, Goth jewellery and steampunk. And it's all made in Australia.

There will be a wide range of lockable jewellery, slave bracelets (handflowers), barefoot sandals (slave anklets), and steampunk.

Some items are made of chainmail, others from  wire work, and yet others beaded.

There is also a range of vintage jewellery, and belly dancing wear.

This is the first handflower design.

I have many many more ideas for things, there are so many handflower and footflower designs in my head, and sketched out. And so many more ideas for ear cuffs, wraps and vines.

Here are some of the other chainmail designs.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Which image type?

I wonder if any of you readers could help?

 I decided I need to re-photo some of my older images.  I plan on having a few different images for each item, but I can't decide if I should combine them all into one image, or keep them separate.

What do you think?

these three separately?

          or this one on it's own?

 These three separately?

Or this one on it's own?

Sunday, January 30, 2011



Paper quilling is now available.  This is just a few of the samples currently available. Even more styles will be coming soon.


Quilling is made entirely with paper.  Thin strips of paper are curled and shaped, then made into a design.

Being made of paper makes them very light and delicate looking, but they are actually very strong.  All of my jewellery is coated several times to give them a little bit of shine, and to make them even stronger.


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